Invited to Labero

The Invited to Labero show opened at Hamburger Börs in Stockholm in March of 2007. The show that is inspired by mythical Asia was a huge success and was in September moved to Rondo in Gothenburg. The show in Gothenburg was played until the end of December.

In the spring of 2008, Invited to Labero went out on tour through Sweden, and more than 92 000 tickets were sold. The show also continued in the fall at Amiralen in Malmö. During the spring of 2009, the show ran again at Hamburger Börs.

Finland was also visited in August and September of 2009, before once again making a stop at Amiralen in Malmö for 18 shows during three months. In the beginning of 2010, the show was performed at Eddekoppen Theater in Oslo and later that year in Stockholm at Hamburger Börs.

Labero_Invited To Labero_2007
Labero_Invited To Labero_2007 Labero_Invited To Labero_2007