In 1996 Labero’s show Mystique premieres at The Conrad Jupiter Casino in Australia. The show is a huge success and runs for 16 months with a total of 515 performances and is viewed by more than 350 000 people.

As a result of the success Labero was offered to set up a new show – Illusions.
This was Joe’s biggest challenge! It premiers in July of 1997, runs for a whole year, performed 414 times and seen by over 300 000 guests.

The following years Labero travels on tour in Sweden and then he returns to Australia again to perform at the Star City Casion in Sydney in March 2001. Later that year Labero performs in New Zealand.

In November 2010 Laberos new show Genesis is being set up on Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino in Australia. 200 shows in six months and the success was a fact.