Magical Sweden Tour This Spring!

In over 30 years, he has lived with magic around the clock. But there’s nothing holding Joe Labero back – This spring he will be seen all over the Nordic region, on tour.   

Now he is finally back in Sweden after several years preforming in Singapore and Thailand. This time with new illusions and effects you don’t want to miss! For more info and tour plan, click!

Inspirational Trip To London

To get inspiration for fall and spring, Labero has previously visited London, where he once debuted in 2002 at Royal Albert Hall. On his trip, he has met the people behind the new Harry Potter-musical, which has become a great success.

– Before, I took every possibillity, now I only do shows which feel innovatory and thrilling. My latest fire show, Inferno, was such a huge success that I want to find new ways to push the boundaries even further in this magical world. – Joe Labero

Will he manage making the most thrilling magic show yet? Read more about A Magic World.


A Magic World at Vasateatern


World premiere October 13th at Vasateatern, Stockholm. 

He has amazed people across the globe with his magic gift and is now back in Sweden – to celebrate 30 years as a magician, but also to turn everything you thought was possible, or impossible, upside down. Nothing is what it seems in this personal close-up show, where Labero takes you on a dazzling tour through his magical world, without a safety net.

Get ready to be amazed and astonished when one of the planets most skilled illusionists performs at Vasateatern.

Welcome to a magic world!



Joe Labero in Bangkok Post

Joe Labero brings his magic to the Tiffany’s stage as the famous cabaret shakes things up.

Tiffany’s has always had a touch of magic. Under the flurry of feathers and the flash of sequins, the beautiful performers of the famous Pattaya cabaret have spent 42 years using illusion and sleight of of hand (not to mention lip-synching) to enthral audiences.

But never before has the show had a genuine magician. Joe Labero, a Swedish entertainer crowned illusionist of the decade by the Merlin Award Society, is performing at Tiffany’s for the next three months. Not only is Labero bringing the tricks he has honed over a 25-year career to the Pattaya stage, he will incorporate the much-loved transgender performers into his act as his assistants. They will appear from clear glass boxes and volunteer to be cut in half. Labero has been travelling around the globe, and jumped at the invitation to make the stunning Tiffany’s Show even more magical.

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Joe Labero featuring Tiffany´s Show

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Greeting from The World’s First Magic In Fantasy featuring Joe Labero and Tiffany’s Show press conference. It gets more and more excited every minute. Today I also have a fitting with the team from Theatre, one of the most celebrated Thai fashion houses, who made an entire set of costume that I will be wearing throughout my show with Tiffany Pattaya. Come see the show with your own eyes from May to August 2016! For more information, please visit

Hope to see you there!

Joe Labero