Magical Sweden Tour This Spring!

In over 30 years, he has lived with magic around the clock. But there’s nothing holding Joe Labero back – This spring he will be seen all over the Nordic region, on tour.   

Now he is finally back in Sweden after several years preforming in Singapore and Thailand. This time with new illusions and effects you don’t want to miss! For more info and tour plan, click!

Inspirational Trip To London

To get inspiration for fall and spring, Labero has previously visited London, where he once debuted in 2002 at Royal Albert Hall. On his trip, he has met the people behind the new Harry Potter-musical, which has become a great success.

– Before, I took every possibillity, now I only do shows which feel innovatory and thrilling. My latest fire show, Inferno, was such a huge success that I want to find new ways to push the boundaries even further in this magical world. – Joe Labero

Will he manage making the most thrilling magic show yet? Read more about A Magic World.