Labero 2000- Present

The millennium opened with roaring success with Illusion at Stockholm’s Royal Park. 50,000 tickets had been sold prior to Opening Night! The show featured 6 nights a week until December 2000.

In between the Illusion show, Labero launched a Castles tour the august of 2000, a first-ever in the world of magicians. Venturing across Sweden’s most famous castles, Castles was a magical overnight experience –with a 5-course meal, drinks and entertainment culminating with a 60 minute closing show.

When 2001 hit, Labero brought Illusions to Sydney, Australia as well as Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand, till end September that year.

Ship of Illusions was conceptualized in 2002, with Labero sailing throughout Scandinavia, stunning thousands in many exotic ports. Notably, Labero was invited to perform at Princess Victoria’s 25th birthday celebrations in July. The show was broadcasted live on National television in Sweden and was seen by more than 2 million viewers.

Thereafter, the invitation extended to a private show for the Princess, on top of 7 Royal families at Soliden, Öland. This was one of the highlights during the summer tour of Joe Labero’s Ship of Illusions.

On 25th November, 2002, the Joe Labero and Robert Wells show Rhapsody in Rock with Magic premiered at the Royal Albert Hall in London, with 2 consecutive nights of sold-out performances! The show then toured in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and was seen by over 150,000 people.

Joe Labero’s Ship of Illusions came back into play in June 2003, along the coast of Scandinavia. Between these shows, he had the opportunity to meet a slew of fans including Bill Clinton, Sven-Göran Ericsson and members of the Kennedy clan.
From television appearances in Russia to charity events in Lithuania, Labero was relentless at spreading the wonders of magic, even performing at the Swedish Open tennis tournaments and shows in Monaco, Paris and the West Indies.

A production for England’s Carlton Television (now known as ITV) took Labero through the Mediterranean with a 65-man camera crew and celebrities Linda Baker, James Hewitt and Louise Redknapp. Viewership hit 15 million, with an extended run in 22 countries in Europé. This trip concluded with a roaring finale at the Coliseum in Tunisia.

Labero has received high honours by his magic compatriots in the industry. The Merlin Award, a prestigious by the New York-based ’International Magicians Society’ is comparable to a magician’s Oscar! The additional accolade ‘Continuing Achievement in the Art of Magic’ was also awarded to Labero.

Joe Labero Magic Springshow was the Spring tour of 2004, together with Sweden’s top music artists. Think of a cigar and cocktail lounge accompanied by the evening splendour of music, food, fun and magic!

The 3rd consecutive Ship of Illusions summer tour in 2004 saw the production as an official partner in the Volvo Baltic Rate. The year ended in The Christmas Spectacular tour in Scandinavia, with an entourage of Scandinavia’s best musicians and a guest count of at least 60,000.

Magic on Ice hit the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi quite literally in February 2005, in spectacular fashion in an outdoor theatre made entirely from ice. Expect the Unexpected enchanted Moscow with 4 sold out shows in June that year, with the return of The Christmas Spectacular with Robert Wells with at least 90,000 guests.

In late 2005, Labero performed to over 10 million television viewers for ‘The Golden Hearts Awards’ in
Moscow as well as the featured act at the Film Festival in Sochi, which was enjoyed by a whopping 60 million television viewers!

2006 saw the successful return of The Christmas Spectacular tour, once again with Robert Wells.
The Invited to Labero show opened at Hamburger Börs in Stockholm in March of 2007. Inspired by Asia and its myths, the show was a huge success and in September moved to Rondo in Gothenburg, with non-stop shows until the end of December. The show’s popularity propelled it to a Swedish tour in the spring of 2008, with more than 92,000 sold. Always motivated by making new magic, Labero’s new show Expect the Unexpected toured Sweden in a large tent.

By 2009, Labero was award his 3rd Merlin Award – this time as ‘Illusionist of the Decade’, in conjunction with the magic World Cup in Beijing. Predecessors of this prestigious award were Siegfried&Roy and David Copperfied – placing Labero right up alongside this league of Magic Greats.

Naturally, this movitated Labero to continue his magical journey, and Invited to Labero and the now-popular Expect the Unexpected tent-show was a series of sold-out performances across Sweden. Invited to Labero visits Finland for 2 months until September, and runs throughout Sweden until the beginning of 2010.

But the crowd wanted more of the Expect the Unexpected tent-show, and what the crowd wants, the crowd gets. It ran for a 3rd consecutive summer in 2010. Being Joe Labero was the new show for autumn and by late 2010, Labero returned to Australia to fascinate Aussie audiences once more, this time with a new production called Genesis. The show started from Friday 19 November 2010 and ran until Sunday 8 May 2011.

In the autumn of 2011, Labero hit the screens again with two other magicians in a television production called ‘Helt magiskt’ and with the popularity of the show, Labero loved that television was another fantastic channel for his magic to reach the masses. Once again deeply inspired by his love for magic, 20 år senare was a special show which marked his 20th anniversary in magic. From September to November, the show featured in Sweden and Norway and all tickets were sold out before the Opening Night.

Everybody wants a piece of magic in his or her lives.

Companies such as Volvo, Ericsson, Bang & Olufsen, OM and its subsidiaries, have all had the opportunity during the past couple of years to experience the magic, up close and personal.

Most importantly, some have brought him to Asia. Here is where he revisited his Genesis show, to mark his new beginnings in Asia. Starting in Thailand for a 6 month stint, it was the large-scale production Incanto at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore which made him fall in love with Asia.

Billed as one of Singapore’s largest productions, this stunning multi-million dollar show featured an international cast of 50 performers led by Joe Labero. Incanto was a thrilling magic spectacular, which blurred the boundaries between reality and make-believe, and successfully ran from November 2012 to March 2013.

After meeting with Asia, Labero was finally back where it all began – at Hamburger Börs in Stockholm, with an explosive show with more fire than you could ever imagine.

Meet the show Inferno. This time, he tried to tame Nature’s most powerful element – Fire.

Together with Europe’s show-stopping fire artists ‘Burnt Out Punks’, they created a magical and gasoline-soaked punk-circus, that mixed favourite acts with illusions that had never been seen before!

It was hot, breath taking and absolutely magical. The show ran for 3 months from September and embarked on another 3 month tour in Sweden thereafter. 64 shows later, reviewed as a fiery success by all Swedish media, Labero will return to Sweden, Gothenburg and Europe’s newest arena – The Theatre, with Inferno.

The closest thing you’ll find to The Theatre is probably over on the other side of the Atlantic – in a neon city in the Nevada desert. At The Theatre, it’s you who decides just how spectacular your dinner show will be, with exquisite fine dining on gourmet menus created by the four-time winner of the Culinary Olympics, Krister Dahl.

But all this happens not before…

Returning to Singapore after the spectacular success of Incanto, Joe Labero presented A Night of Magic at Raffles, from August to May. With illusions so awe-inspiring as they are mind-blowing and spectacular, this four-time Merlin Award Winner’s hypnotizing illusions dazzled his audience at the beautiful Jubilee Hall theatre at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore.


Having entertained millions of people worldwide with countless sold out tours to his name, Joe Labero continues his versatility and his expertise of creating illusions, magic and comedy. Look out for more news about the next adventure!

“My belief is that, as an artist, you cannot really ever be completely satisfied. There are always things that can be improved… I believe in constantly striving, looking and preparing for the next big step. It ́is an evolution in learning”