A Magic Night

The show A Magic Night premiered in the autumn of 1991 at Berns Salonger in Stockholm and continued to run during the spring of -92. After that the show was moved to Chat Noir, in Oslo, where the show premieres in the autumn of 1993. In -93 the Swedish TV channel TV4 broadcasts a TV-special with parts from A Magic Night.
On New Years Eve the show is back in Sweden again and this time at Slagthuset in Malmö. Later, during the spring of 1994, the show is moved back to Stockholm and Berns Salonger where the audience wants more of Labero!

In the autumn of -94 a developed version of A Magic Night premiers at Berns Salonger and plays until the spring of -95. When the curtain has gone down at Berns Salonger for the last time the show has played a magnificent 657 times. During that time Labero takes his show to Monte Carlo for a special performance.

In May 1995 the show is broadcasted in Russian TV.